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Napolina Richardson

Apostle Napolina Richardson is one of the voices that God has raised up today. At the age of ten, she heard the voice of God commissioning her to travel the world to reach the lost and dying. To this call, Apostle Napolina Richardson has extended herself to the nations to minister healing and deliverance especially to people who are hurting.

In obedience and pursuit of the call of God to the hurting world, Apostle Napolina Richardson, along with her husband Senior Pastor Kurt, launched out in December 2009 and started Repairers of Broken Walls International Community (ROBWIC). ROBWIC is the umbrella organization for Repairers of Broken Walls International Ministries (ROBWIM).

With a strong prophetic voice and a message of hope, intercession and deliverance, Apostle Napolina ministers the Word of God wherever she goes. She has ministered in several conferences and churches throughout the Caribbean and the United States. Previously, Apostle Napolina hosted a weekly radio program called “The Bondage Breaker”.


She has also served as an instructor at the GraceHill Bible College, St. Maarten Campus. She is a dynamic and anointed presenter of the Word of God, speaking with clarity and deep understanding.

Apostle Napolina holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Library and Information Science from the University of the West Indies in Jamaica. She also holds 3 Master's Degrees - A Master's in History and a Master's in Library and Information Science both from North Carolina Central University. Her third and most recent Master's degree was in Biblical studies from GraceHill Bible University. 

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